Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

July 24 – August 16, 1970

Production Staff

Director Norman Schneider
Stage Manager Terry Jamieson
Set Design & Painting Barry Mansfield
Set Construction Ernie Lazzara and the Villagers
Lighting Director Hal Kearney
Lighting Crew Kit Bryant, Rich Goodman, Barry Denaster
Alternating Stage Crew Jeanne Van Zandt, Pepper Wilson, Midge Jamieson, Carol Covino, Warren Erhardt, Ronnie Meyers, Joe Meyers
Publicity Faye Kearney
Advertising Reina Hanson
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Refreshments Martha Newsome
Program Faye Kearney
General Services The Villagers


The Cast

Toni Simmons Chris O’Connor
Igor Sullivan Bill Lehne
Stephanie Dickinson Lorrain Schneider
Mrs. Dixson Durant Mary Lehne
Dr. Julian Winston Geoge Walthy
Harvey Greenfield Milt Keiles
Senor Arturo Sanchez Bill Olland
Waiter Robert Nagel
Boticelli’s Springtime Marge McGovern
Music Lover William O’Day


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