Audition Announcement: 3 One Act Plays

3 One Act Plays
by Christopher Durang

Sunday, March 26th 6:00 pm
Monday, March 27th 7:00 pm
Tuesday, March 28th 7:00 pm

Tuesday will also act as callbacks if necessary. Sides will be provided. Some actors may be cast in multiple roles. Rehearsals are three days a week, and for the first few weeks each piece will rehearse separately.

This show will be performed at Villagers Theatre as a part of the Blackbox series.

Performance Dates:
Opening Date: 05/12/2017
Closing Date: 05/21/2017

Performance Times:
Fridays/Saturdays 8:00pm
Sundays 2:00pm

Director: J.C. Gibriano

The Actors Nightmare
Having casually wandered onstage, George is informed that one of the actors, Eddie, has been in an auto accident and he must replace him immediately. Apparently no one is sure of what play is being performed but George (costumed as Hamlet) seems to find himself in the middle of a scene from Private Lives, surrounded by such luminaries as Sarah Siddons, Dame Ellen Terry and Henry Irving. As he fumbles through one missed cue after another the other actors shift to Hamlet, then a play by Samuel Beckett, and then a climactic scene from what might well be A Man for All Seasons-by which time the disconcerted George has lost all sense of contact with his fellow performers. Yet, in the closing moments of the play, he rises to the occasion and finally says the right lines, whereupon make-believe suddenly gives way to reality as the executioner's axe (meant for Sir Thomas Moore) instead sends poor George to oblivion-denying him a well-earned curtain call.
George- 20-50, Accountant. Understudy? In Private Lives he plays Elyot. In Hamlet he plays Prince Hamlet. In Checkmate he plays Willie. In A Man for All Seasons he plays Sir Thomas More.
Meg- 20-30, the stage manager. A capable worker.
Sarah- 45-65, a grand actress. In Private Lives, she plays Amanda. In Hamlet, she plays Queen Gertrude. In A Man for all Seasons, she plays Sir Thomas More's wife
Ellen- 30-50, another actress, but not as grand as Sarah. For some reason, she calls George "Stanley" before the production. In Private Lives she plays Sybil.
Henry- 45-65, leading man type. In Hamlet, he plays the part of Horatio.
The Executioner
The Announcer

The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From
Frank and Joe Hardy change sweaters a lot and look cute. The word "sleuthing" excites them and they're off to investigate what it means that Nancy Drew has "a bun in the oven."
Frank Hardy- 18-40, pretty, preppy, looks good in a sweater.
Joe Hardy- 18-40, same as his older brother.
Nurse Ratched- 30-50, school nurse, cougar
Mr. Hardy- 45-60. Frank and Joe's father

'Dentity Crisis
Recovering from a nervous breakdown, Jane is nursed and nagged by her relentlessly cheerful mother, and confused by her oversexed brother-who keeps changing into her father, her grandfather and her mother's French lover. Eventually all (including Jane's psychiatrist, who undergoes a sex change operation and swaps places with his wife) change characters again and become Jane herself-leaving her with no identity at all and pointing up the near impossibility of self-identification in our uncertain times
Jane- 20-30 Daughter
Edith- 40-60, Mother
Robert- 25-35 Brother with multiple personalities
Mr. Summers- 35-60, shrink with his own issues
Woman- 35-60 Mr. Summers Wife

All those auditioning must agree to and sign the Villagers Liability/Photo Release Form found at:

Andy Gordanier


Audition Announcement: The Wizard of Oz

Villagers Theatre announces auditions for this special Main Stage production of The Wizard of Oz
which will include Flying by Foy

PRODUCERS: Donna Kimberlin and Roz Wroblewski
DIRECTOR: Corey Rubel
CHOREOGRAPHER: Jillian Kimberiln

PRODUCTION DATES: June 9-25, 2017
Fridays and Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 2pm

Saturday, April 8 - 4pm (Ages 8 - 12 Only)
Please arrive by 4pm! Auditions will end before 6pm

Sunday, April 9 - 5:30-10:30pm
Monday, April 10 - 6:30-10:30pm

April 11, 2017 - 6:30pm-10:30pm
Callbacks by invitation only

Rehearsals begin April 11 and run through early opening of the production in early June.

For CHILDREN Auditions:
Please prepare 16-bars of an upbeat musical theatre song that showcases your personality! An accompanist will be provided, please bring sheet music - please refrain from singing A capella or using a karaoke track! You will be asked to learn a short dance combination so please bring appropriate clothing.

For ADULT Auditions:
Please sign up on the Doodle below for an hour time slot - during this hour you will be asked to sing your 32 bar cut as well as learn a short dance combination. Through these sign ups, we hope to make the best use of everyone's time. Sign up is recommended, but not required (feel free to walk-in during the audition times without signing up).

Please prepare 32 bars of a classic musical theatre piece in the style of the show, an accompanist will be provided. Make sure to bring comfortable clothing as you will be asked to learn a short dance combination!
Callbacks will be by invitation only.


ALL ROLES OPEN. Seeking a strong cast of 16-20:


DOROTHY GALE (Female, AGE 16+) - A fearless, independent heroine with gumption who feels misunder-stood. She has dreams of "somewhere over the rainbow" away from her hardscrabble farm existence. She will eventually find the meaning of family in a completely different land. Must love dogs.
Vocal range: Soprano/Mix/Belt Mezzo, low G-high A.

MISS GULCH/WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST (Female, AGE 20+) - This dual role covers the terrain of a tough, bad-tempered schoolteacher in a farm town and an ambitious, politically savvy comic, histrionic megalomaniac who wants to lead Oz by herself.
Vocal range: Mezzo, low Ab to strong belt, high C# mix belt.

PROFESSOR MARVEL/WIZARD OF OZ (Male, AGE 30+)-This dual role encapsulates: (Marvel) a bumbling huckster fortune teller with a wry grandfatherly tone and (Oz) a kindhearted if flawed leader who has greatness thrust upon him in a magical kingdom. He flies out in a balloon every night; not for those scared of heights.
Vocal range: Baritone low G#-F.

GLINDA, THE GOOD WITCH (Female, Age 20+) - An "Auntie Mame" type with a sense of flair and pageantry while being a clever politician running her portion of the Oz community. This character flies nightly, so not for those scared of heights!
Vocal range: Soprano G below Middle C to High C.

HUNK/SCARECROW (Male, Age 18+), a kind, naïve farmhand and ally of Dorothy's. Transforms into the assumedly brainless Scarecrow who helps Dorothy along her path of discovery. He employs a vacuous, but responsible, wisdom to their trajectory. The role requires a physical comedian with dance ability.
Vocal range: Bari-tenor low D-G.

HICKORY/TIN MAN (Male, Age 18+) - A stalwart, reliable - if guarded - farmhand with a strong sense of self becomes the romantic, sensitive, courageous, but heartless Tin Man. A classic leading man type.
Vocal range: High Baritone/Tenor low C-F#.

ZEKE/LION (Male, Age 22+) - A fatigued, frazzled farm hand dons the mane of the prissy, self-obsessed Cowardly Lion. This kind-hearted, if scared and nervous, soul takes a journey to becoming the common sense leader the foursome needs. Strong comic skills and an improvisational spirit are welcome.
Vocal range: Baritone Low C-E.

UNCLE HENRY/ENSEMBLE (Male, 30+) - A man of principles doing his best to keep a dust bowl farm alive for his newly redefined family and the people who work for him. He is a pragmatist and keeps his heart hidden. In the Ensemble he is featured as the Tour Guide in Oz.
Vocal range: Baritone low G#-F.

AUNT EM/ENSEMBLE (Female, 30+) - A hardworking farmer's wife who keeps calm in a crisis and runs the Gale farm like clockwork. In the ensemble she will play The Barrister in Munchkinland and Esmerelda, the wife of the tour guide, and Oz salon owner.
Vocal range: Mezzo, low Ab to strong belt, high C# mix belt.

ENSEMBLE SINGERS AND DANCERS (Male and Female, Ages 16+) to play Farmhands, Munchkins, Citizens of Oz, Guards, Winkies, Winged Monkeys. Looking for triple threats. All heights, shapes, and sizes welcome! All ensemble must be willing to move, improvise, and have a willingness to take risks. Many will understudy principal roles. All must be strong singers. All must be able to sing in a legit musical theatre style.

CHILDREN ENSEMBLE (Male and Female, Ages 8 - 12) to play Munchkins and Citizens of Oz. Looking for young actors with triple threat abilities

All those auditioning must agree to and sign the Villagers Liability/Photo Release Form found at:

Donna Kimberlin, Producer

Roz Wroblewski, Producer