Audition Notice - August: Osage County

Their father has vanished, their mother - a drug addict. Three sisters are brought together at their childhood home in Oklahoma to deal with their father’s disappearance and mother’s addiction. When these extremely intelligent and complex family members reunite, they engage in both the support and destruction of one another. Secrets unfold, relationships are tested and chaos ensues.

Written by: Tracy Letts
Directed by: Courtney King
Produced by: Daniel Schulze

Audition Dates:
January 2nd 7:00pm-11:00pm & January 4th 7:00pm-11:00pm

Sunday, January 8th time: TBD

Villagers Theatre, 475 Demott Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873

Please bring your schedule and a list of any applicable conflicts. Sides will be provided. If you have a conflict with both audition dates, but are interested in auditioning, please contact the director at:

Performance Dates:
Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1 @ 8pm
Sunday, April 2 @ 2pm
Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8 @ 8pm
Sunday, April 9 @ 2pm
Friday, April 21 & Saturday, April 22 @ 8pm
Sunday, April 23 @ 2pm

Cast Descriptions:

  • Beverly Weston (69) [suggested age range 50-70]: The father of the Weston family, married to Violet. An alcoholic. Renowned poet.
  • Violet Weston (65) [suggested age range 45-late 60’s]: Matriarch. Married to Beverly. Undergoing chemo for oral cancer. She is addicted to painkillers.
  • Barbara Fordham (46) [suggested age range 30-late 40’s]: Oldest daughter of Beverly and Violet. Mother of Jean and wife of Bill. She is currently separated from her husband. She is a college professor in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Ivy Weston (44) [suggested age range late 20’s- late 40’s]: Middle daughter of Beverly and Violet. She is a librarian at a college in Oklahoma. She is in a relationship with her “cousin,” Little Charles.
  • Karen Weston (40) [suggested age range 20’s-early 40’s]: Youngest daughter of Beverly and Violet. She is engaged to Steve and lives in Florida with him.
  • Bill Fordham (49) [suggested age range 30-early 50’s]: Married to Barbara and Jean’s father. He is a college professor who has left his wife for one of his students.
  • Jean Fordham (14) [16-late 20’s]: Bill and Barbara's 14-year- old daughter.
  • Steve Heidebrecht (50) [suggested age range 30-early 50’s]: Karen's fiancé. He is a businessman and lives in Florida.
  • Mattie Fae Aiken (57) [suggested age range 40’s-late 50’s]: Violet's sister. Charlie's wife and Little Charles' mother.
  • Charlie Aiken (60) [suggested age range 40’s-early 60’s]: Married to Mattie Fae and Little Charles’ father. He is unaware that Little Charles’ biological father is Beverly.
  • Little Charles Aiken (37) [suggested age range early 20’s-40]: Son of Mattie Fae and Beverly. He is in a secret relationship with Ivy.
  • Johnna Monevata (26) [suggested age range 20-early 30’s]: A young Cheyenne woman Beverly hires to be a live-in housekeeper.
  • Sheriff Deon Gilbeau (47) [suggested age range 30-late 40’s]: Barbara’s ex-boyfriend from high school.

The play takes place in a large country home outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma, sixty miles northwest of Tulsa. August 2007.

Any questions? Please email the director at:


Auditions Notice - Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.

Audition Information

Welcome to the Villagers Theater Auditions for Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. We are so excited to get started on this production! Thank you as well for taking the time to come out and audition! Here is some information that you may need to know:

  • The show dates are Saturday March 11th at 12pm and 3:00pm, and Sunday March 12th at 12pm and shows the following weekend March 18th, and 19th the same times!
  • Tech week will begin Sunday March 5th, so rehearsals will be MANDATORY from March 6th-10th unless discussed with Devin or Jessica.
  • Rehearsals will be Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights from 6:30-9, or 7-9 there will be a schedule to follow!

Audition Dates:

  • Sunday, January 15th from 7-9pm - Initial Audition Date
  • Wednesday January 18th from 7-9pm- Initial Audition Date
  • Thursday January 19th from 7-9pm - Callbacks for Parts

Show Synopsis: The Emmy Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series and pop culture phenomenon is now the basis for one of the most fun and easily mounted musicals ever to hit the stage, Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR. A loose, revue-like structure allows for a great deal of flexibility in staging and cast size in this energetic musical, which follows Tom, a young schoolteacher, who is nervous about his first day of teaching. He tries to relax by watching TV, when various characters representing facets of his personality emerge from the set and show him how to win his students over with imagination and music.

What to Prepare for your initial audition: Please prepare an Upbeat song from a Broadway Musical, or sing a song from Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. There will be devices to play music if you would like to bring accompaniment, or access to a Youtube clip will be available!

Character Breakdowns:

  • TOM- Is the young teacher and hero of our story. He is an amiable, likable, charming performer. Tom doesn’t sing much solo stuff, but he carries the show along.
  • GEORGE, DORI, SHULIE, JOE, DINA- These characters are going to be playing out typical stereotypes that make up the images Tom has throughout the show. These characters are the leading vocalists on the songs, and have the lines.
  • SOLOIST SONGS- Opportunities for solos in the songs, “Preamble”, “InterPlanet Janet”,  “Do the Circulation” , and “Elbow Room”
  • SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK ENSEMBLE- The rest of the cast will make up the Ensemble who will sing and dance in almost every number in the show!

We will let you know by Wednesday, January 18th if you have received a Callback for Thursday, January 19th! Final casting will be decided by January 21st because the first rehearsal begins Sunday, January 22nd!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at

Sincerely your Production Team,

Devin Massih (Director)
Jessica Kimberlin (Assistant Director)
Christopher Pasi (Music Director)