A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

October 5 – October 25, 1990

Production Staff

Producer Mary Henning
Director Mary Lehne
Lighting Design Jim Rinere
Set Design James J. Calafiore
Costume Design John DeMarco
Sound Design Rich Lehne
Stage Manager Atlanta Rogalli
Assistant Stage Manager Pat Federiwic
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Papier Mache Crew Marlene, Samantha & Nathan Zyontz, Eleanor Kositc,h, Rosie Myres, Regina & Samir Hadiz, Arlene Casey
Program Jeff Dworkin, Anne Welby
Props Henrietta Napear
Set Construction James J. Calafiore, Dave Soltero, Rosie Myres
Sound Technician Rich Lehne
Stage Crew Rosie Myres


The Cast

Andrey Botvinnick Glenn Howard
John Honeyman Jerry Marino, Jr


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