A Thousand Clowns

A Thousand Clowns

July 23 – August 1, 1965

Production Staff

Producer Murray Greenberg
Director Saunder Finard
Stage Manager Bill Jamieson
Assistant Stage Manager Joe Sarro
Backstage Assistants Kathy Birdsey, Donna Dickens, Jessica Ayars, Karen-Rose Smith, Russ Cameron
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Joe Sarro, Dick Van Zandt, Ernest Lazzara, Murray Greenberg, Saunder Finard
Lighting Joe Krenetsky, Skip Mayberry
Sound Elliot Glickman, Roy Glickman
Make Up Alyce Joyce, Lynn Lazzara
Costume Advisor Jerry Greenberg
Costumes Terry Landy
Choreography Edith Resnick
Ticket Manager Vivian Lazzara
House Managers Jocqueline Bouchard, Lynn Lazzara
Play Sales Beverley Greenberg, Murray Greenberg
Publicity Jacqueline Bouchard
Program Karen-Rose Smith
Photography George Philcox


The Cast

Murray Burns Ed Yanowitz
Nick Burns Craig Lowy
Albert Amundson Jeffrey Aaron
Sandra Markowitz Terry Jamieson
Arnold Burns Andrew Pastorio
Leo Herman Jim Street


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