Audition Notice: The Wedding Singer

Auditions: The Wedding Singer

Villagers Theatre, Somerset, NJ
25-26 August 2018

Villagers Theatre is excited to announce open auditions for a fall 2018 production of the The Wedding Singer, a musical by Matthew Sklar, Chad Beguelin, and Tim Herlihy, based on the 1998 film of the same name. Performances are scheduled for Friday through Sunday, November 2-4 and 9-11 (Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00PM and Sunday performances at 2:00PM), and Saturday and Sunday, November 17-18.

Preliminary auditions will be held Saturday afternoon, August 25 (1-4PM) and Sunday afternoon, August 26 (1-4PM). Callback auditions, as required, are tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening, August 30.  Auditions and callbacks will be held at Villagers Theatre, located at 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset, NJ (for directions, please visit the Villagers Theatre website at

In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended. To make an appointment, visit

All roles are open. Performers are asked to prepare one complete song (musical theatre or pop music preferred), and to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided. Pre-recorded accompaniment or a capella auditions cannot be accommodated. All performers except those auditioning for Rosie (see below) will also be asked to learn and perform a dance combination at the initial audition. Please note that actors of all ethnic backgrounds will be considered for all roles.

The Wedding Singer will be produced by Devin Massih and Matt Muccigrossi, with direction by Frank Ferrara, musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Michael Gilch, and choreography by Phil Solomon.  Rehearsals are expected to begin immediately after Labor Day and run approximately 3 times per week until the show’s opening on November 2.

The Roles

Robbie Hart (tenor, reads 25-35)
The hero of the story, Robbie is a wedding singer and mildly frustrated composer.  Quick-witted, unusually good in front of a crowd, and everyone’s best friend, he suffers from only occasional bursts of Adam Sandler-style rage and cynicism. Need an excellent singer and comedian able to cover a wide range of singing and performing styles. Ability to play, or willingness to learn, the guitar is very strongly preferred.

Julia Sullivan (mezzo soprano with medium belt, reads 25-35)
A waitress and the heroine of the story, Julia appears at first glance to be a pretty standard 80s movie girl-next-door love interest. At second glance, she might be insane. Impulsive and clever, driven at all times by pathological levels of both optimism and pessimism.

Holly (mezzo soprano with very high pop belt, reads 25-35)
Julia’s cousin, best friend, and unpaid therapist. Holly is direct and unaffected, the most practical of all the characters but also probably the most fun. She is styled after all of the different versions of Madonna. Need an outstanding dancer and singer with a very high belt (to a high E).

Linda (alto / mezzo soprano with hard rock belt, reads 25-35)
Robbie’s self-obsessed fiancée. Linda is deeply problematic in every conceivable way, but she is unequivocally an 80s rock star: equal parts Joan Jett and Ann Wilson.

Sammy (baritone, reads 25-35)
The spectacularly mulleted, mustachioed bass player in Robbie’s band, Sammy has the self-image of Slash but the soul of Art Garfunkel. Fundamentally decent and kind, but also kind of a blundering doofus. Ability to play the bass a strong plus.

George (tenor, reads 25-35)
Plays the keyboard and percussion in Robbie’s band. Flashy and spectacular and Boy George on the outside, he is also the only actual functioning adult in the gang. Needs a consistent and strong falsetto; ability to play keyboards and read music a strong plus.

Glen Guglia (baritone, reads early 30s)
Julia’s boyfriend, an athletic Wall Street shark straight out of 80s villain central casting.

Rosie (soprano, reads 65+)
Robbie’s grandmother, she is sweet, well mannered, kind, loving, and sings a lunatic four-minute rap song.

The Ensemble (approximately 8-12 performers)
The ensemble plays a variety of roles, including wedding guests, Mr. T, deranged wedding guests, Cyndi Lauper, Imelda Marcos, a nameless vagrant with boy-band inclinations, Tina Turner, stockbrokers, shopkeepers, and, obviously, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Multiple opportunities for dialogue and solo / small ensemble singing; need strong singers and dancers for all roles.


All those auditioning must agree to and sign the Villagers Liability/Photo Release Form found at:


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